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Adventures in Patient Centered Care is my latest presentation for healthcare. It is a humorous, educational and informative talk that bridges the gap between comedic performance and healthcare education. In this presentation I bring to light my experiences as a cancer survivor and talk about what it was like to go through the healthcare system.

Through personal anecdotes from a layman’s perspective I talk about what Patient Centered Care meant to me while I was a patient and how deeply it affected my day-to-day experience while I was going through cancer treatment and how some of the interactions I had with healthcare professionals  affect me to this day.

I’m a huge fan of Patient Centered Care and everything that it stands for. I also am a big fan of healthcare professionals who work so hard to treat people as well as they can every day. I am also aware that there are many opportunities to give better care. Adventures In Patient Centered Care has been performed for physicians, nurses, Allied health, nursing students and medical students in universities, colleges, healthcare conferences and hospitals. it has been remarkably well-received and leaves participants feeling good about their work and if I may say a bit inspired. It is an absolute pleasure to perform this piece, if you are interested in hearing more about Adventures In Patient Centered Care I would be thrilled to connect with you on it.

Here is a quote from a recent performance…

“Your voice and vulnerability brought to life the voices and experiences of the many people we all lay hands on every day. Your work stayed with us and set the stage for many important ‘ah ha’ moments when many realized their actions and words make a significant and long lasting difference. Keep up your wonderful work! Using the arts as a vehicle for illuminating the patient’s voice will change health care for the better. Thank you again!!”

Joy Richards, RN,PhD, Vice-President Health Professions & CNE University Health Network

Wherever you are and whatever your story is, I hope you’re having a great day. Rob