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Books by Rob

Kicking Cancer’s Ass: A Light-Hearted Guide to the Fight of Your Life

By Robert Hawke

Kicking Cancer’s Ass: A light-hearted Guide to the Fight of Your Life
is written for anyone going through cancer. It contains valuable strategies, information and insights about one of life’s greatest challenges. Overflowing with tips, helpful hints, and humour, Robert Hawke draws on his experiences as a thyroid cancer survivor and on his background in comedy to deliver a helpful and humorous guide to getting through this disease.

Doing Happiness: Uncovering the Hidden Benefits of Feeling Good

By Robert Hawke

60% of our happiness is not up to us. This book is about the other 40%. 
Doing Happiness: Uncovering The Hidden Benefits of Feeling Good reveals the simple but profound techniques that are scientifically proven to help you be happier everyday. You’ll also learn how “Doing Happiness” will make your work easier, improve your health and enrich your relationships.

Articles by Rob

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A Laughing Matter: You Have the Power To Choose Happiness


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YouAreUNLTD Magazine, May 22, 2018

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