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I was remarkably fortunate  to perform for and meet some remarkable people in the last while. The University Health Network Nursing Forum was kind enough to ask me to be a keynote speaker twice. I must admit that as an actor having the chance to reform is always a pleasure, hitting the stage at 8:15 AM two days in a row is a bit of a challenge and involves, for me at least, a good dose of caffeine. My talk  Adventures In Patient Centred Care, was very well received and I got to meet some remarkable nurses who shared their stories with me. My sincere thanks to Carolyn McPhee, Joy Richards, Nadine Cross and everyone at UHN Nursing.

The mighty Gord Oxley accompanied me during the second performance and provided some awesome technical support.

Humber River Regional Hospital had invited me to perform for nurses week as well and I was thrilled to get the chance to follow Joy Richards on stage. In addition to Adventures in Patient Centered Care, I also performed selections from NormVsCancer. It was an absolute blast to perform NormVsCancer again. There were 200 very enthusiastic and generous people in the audience. Once again I was blown away by the honesty, integrity and positive energy of the folks I was presenting to. Medical professionals shared their personal stories with me afterwards, not just as folks working in healthcare, but as people who are patients with our own struggles, challenges and victories. It was remarkably moving to be a part of it.

Wherever you are and whatever your story is, I wish you the best.