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NormVsCancer: A Terminally Funny One Man Show

An Award Winning Comedic Tour de Force. (If I do say so myself!) I portray a journey into Norm’s body where all the organs come to life including the heart, the kidney, the appendix, the thyroid. Norm must find and kill the cancer before it kills him. This show has tremendous reviews and has been performed in Prague, New York, San Francisco and Toronto. This show works in theatres and has had great impact in a hospital or academic setting. Written by Robert Hawke and Michael Cohen. Directed by Michael Cohen

Adventures In Patient Centred Care

An Educational Presentation for Physicians, Nurses, Medical Students and other Health Care Providers. This piece uses patient stories and a big dose of comedy to inspire working medical professionals and students in the values and practice of Patient Centered Care. A great tool to stimulate discussion on how to implement PCC at a grassroots level. Adventures in Patient Centred Care has been used as curriculum for The University of Toronto Medical School, Ryerson University, Toronto General Hospital and The University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

The Hope Workshop for People Affected by Cancer

The Hope Workshop is about acknowledging where we are now, celebrating our successes and building a future. In a positive and supportive atmosphere, people affected by cancer laugh, share stories and learn techniques to help rebuild their lives.