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It is my honour to invite you to a performance of Adventures In Patient Centred Care at Princess Margaret Hospital. Adventures In Patient Centred Care is based on my own experiences as a patient. It has been performed for physicians, nurses, allied health, and medical students in universities, healthcare conferences and hospitals. It has been remarkably well-received and leaves participants feeling good about their work and if I may say, a bit inspired. If I don’t make you laugh, I’ll give you five bucks. Promise.

Here are the detes…

Patient Centred Care Rounds

Princess Margaret Hospital (College and University)
Monday, March 18th,
12:30 pm
6th Floor Auditorium,
Here is a quote from a recent performance…

“Your voice and vulnerability brought to life the voices and experiences of the many people we all lay hands on every day. Keep up your wonderful work!”

Joy Richards, RN,PhD, Vice-President Health Professions & CNE University Health Network

Its going to be a bit less than an hour. Love to have you out.