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Quotes and Recommendations

“Your voice and vulnerability brought to life the voices and experiences of the many people we all lay hands on every day. Keep up your wonderful work!”
Joy Richards, RN,PhD, Vice-President Health Professions University Health Network

Rob is funny, dynamic and knows how to light up a room. His talks for medical professionals, students and patients are a must see. Kudos!
Dante Morra Chief of Staff, Trillium Health Centre
I witnessed Rob’s courage and commitment to make a difference in the lives of others through his being and talents as an artist. He continues to be so important for those of us who work in hospital environments.
Gail J. Mitchell, RN; PhD,Professor, School of Nursing, UHN Nursing Academy
Robert Hawke is a gifted speaker who knows how to engage an audience, shake participants out of their comfort zones and lift the energy of any event. Not only does he provide memorable, informative content, but he has audiences laughing, standing, and participating at an unprecedented level.
Karine Chalifour Program Director, Young Adult Cancer Canada 
“….Best Solo Male Comedy”
San Francisco Fringe Festival

“….a brilliant and funny show. An inspiring piece of theatre.”
Carole Wears, Prague International Fringe Festival
 Entertaining, enlightening and inspiring. Bravo!”
Robert Fletcher, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
“…One man’s  battle with cancer turns into a triumph for all who are privileged to witness Robert Hawke’s fearless, funny, moving, and amazingly virtuoso performance. Are you ready to meet your body?”
Steve Turtell, Development Manager, THANC Foundation

“…a refreshing and remarkably humorous look at a very serious topic….Robert Hawke is an incredibly talented writer and actor… his one-man show pulls off the seemingly impossible – showing amazing raw talent.  I laughed for an hour – on a subject which previously only brought tears… “

Erika Rauscher Markowitz, Executive Director, THANC (Thyroid, Head and Neck Cancer) Foundation“Watching Robert Hawke’s “Laughing in the Face of Cancer” was not only hilarious, but it helped to break down barriers of isolation by allowing the room to laugh and appreciate the shared experience of illness. Being able to laugh at something that can be so traumatic and draining, was empowering and set the tone for the rest of the day.’
Nicole Foster, Ovarian Cancer Canada
“This compelling tour inside Norm’s body brought to life his personal struggle with accepting and then dealing with cancer. But what was most amazing was the way that Rob Hawke used humor to guide us through a fearful journey that resulted in hope for us all. NormVsCancer brought tears to my eyes from laughter and inspiration – a must see!”
Harvey A. Skinner, Dean, Faculty of Health, York University
Rob I can’t begin to tell you how moving, how generous and how heart-stopping you were tonight – The magic maker was you! Thank you just doesn’t say it enough – but thank you thank you thank you comes from the bottom of my heart. 
Veronica Tennant Premier Ballerina- Film Producer