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P.O.P. Pissed Off People and How to Deal With Them

You’re highly skilled. You’re a professional. It’s taken years to get where you are, but with all your education and experience, they neglected to teach you one very important thing; How to deal with Pissed Off People! 

Let’s face it, all of us must interact with Pissed Off People at some point in our lives. Dealing with P.O.P.s can make people feel anxious and powerless. It doesn’t have to be that way. Stuart Ellis Myers and Robert Hawke have help for you in their hilarious hit keynote P.O.P. Pissed Off People And How To Deal With Them.

Stuart Ellis Myers is known as “Robin Williams with a twitch”. His more than 850 performances have received rave reviews from around the world. He is a favourite at conventions and corporate meetings.

Robert Hawke is a speaker, cancer survivor and comedian. Rob wrote the books Doing Happiness: Uncovering The Hidden Benefits of Feeling Good and Kicking Cancer’s Ass: A Lighthearted Guide to the Fight of Your Life.

Key Learning Points

How to identify times when you are dealing with a P.O.P.

The science of why POP’s are like cavemen!

Strategies you can use to diffuse the interaction in real time.

How to ease the situation and keep yourself safe.

Ways to improve your interaction and build the relationship for the future.

Best of all, we make this stuff FUN!

Stuey and Rob will entertain your group, teach them valuable resources and leave them feeling good.

Make Your Next Conference a Success with this Comedian Duo!

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