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Connecting With Patients: The Final Frontier

Connecting With Patients: The Final Frontier is an original, interactive keynote that teaches medical professionals how to increase their level of engagement with their patients in a way that helps them have more impact, improves their level of Patient Centred Care and helps them find more fulfillment in their work.

Who is Rob to teach this?
Inspired by his experience as a cancer survivor and drawing on his work in comedy, Rob has created content for medical professionals, taught at U of T Medical School, created a workshop for the Ontario Hospital Association, and used comedy to help cancer patients and their families find courage and resources they didn’t know they had. All of this experience enriches and informs Connecting With Patients: The Final Frontier.

Rob starts with his patient story, his experiences navigating the healthcare system and the impact that great care has on the patient experience. He then demonstrates what it will do for medical professionals, on an emotional, professional and business level.

What you will Learn:
How to use the profound power of listening.
The best question a medical professional can ask.
The “recipe” for a significant patient interaction.
How to create better relationships with patients. (Demonstrated on stage and practiced in dyads.)
Confirmation that you now have the skill set to do this effectively.
Proof that you have a much more impact than you think.
On behalf of the people you serve: Thank You!

At the end of the presentation, participants will have developed clearly defined skills and know the specific steps to create more meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with their patients.

Connecting With Patients: The Final Frontier was developed at Sunnybrook Hospital and first presented at PharmacyU in Vancouver. It was met with rave reviews by both participants and sponsors.

“Loved Rob Hawke. Bring him back!”

For more info contact Rob at robhawke@gmail.com


The Wellness Solution: Help yourself- Help The World

“We got incredibly positive feedback from our staff. We found The Wellness Solution: Help Yourself Help The World to be incredibly useful.”

CMHA Waterloo Wellington Dufferin

People in the caring professions give of their time, energy and skills at an unprecedented level—it is demanding work, often without reward. The cost can be fatigue, discouragement, even burn out. Speaker, author and humourist Robert Hawke shares an essential message with practical skills for people in the caring professions.

With humour, energy and insights both from science and personal experience, Rob reveals essential skills for enjoying ongoing wellness while managing work demands.

Key Learning Points

 The cost of ignoring your own wellness
 Developing your personalized Wellness Strategy to help you feel better now
 How the power of laughter can positively change your body chemistry in an instant
 Coping  strategies to help re-experience our positive and resourceful states
 Using happiness as a tool to not only feel good, but help you increase productivity, creativity and skill levels

“Entertaining, enlightening and inspiring. Bravo!” Robert Fletcher, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

For more info contact Rob at robhawke@gmail.com


You Got this! How to go From Stressed Out To Turned On

“We got extremely positive feedback from our staff. We found Robert Hawke’s workshop to be incredibly useful.”
-Meredith Gardiner, CMHA Waterloo Wellington Dufferin

Professionals give of their time and talent at unprecedented levels. The demands of our jobs are increasing at an exponential rate while the landscape of our work environment is shifting constantly. Many are discouraged, stressed out and distracted. It’s no surprise that even the strongest among us can feel stretched while others are actually in crises. How do we fix this? How do we help ourselves and our colleagues not just survive in this environment but contribute, thrive and even feel good?
On the flipside, we all know that we’ve had times when we feel like we are on fire and nothing can get in our way. How do we have more days like that?
You Got This! How to go from stressed out to turned on answers these questions.
Speaker, comedian and cancer survivor Robert Hawke shares a change inspiring message with practical applications for hard working professionals. You Got This: How to Go From Stressed out to Turned on will teach you how to manage your stress, reduce your distractions and increase your productivity.
Public Servants, Medical Professionals and Communication Experts have all given Robert Hawke’s programs rave reviews. The best part is, he makes this stuff fun!
With humour, energy and insights both from science and personal experience, Rob reveals essential skills for reducing stress, feeling better and having a great life.

Key Learning Points

•The cost of ignoring your own stress.
• Developing your personalized Stress Busting Strategy to help you feel better now
• How the power of laughter reduces stress and positively changes your brain chemistry in an instant.
•How feeling good helps you increase productivity, creativity and skill levels
•The Two Minute Marvel. How to blast through procrastination and get yourself to start ANYTHING.

For more info contact Rob at robhawke@gmail.com